Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oneonta Tunnel and Gorge

Our first stop along the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway was Oneonta Tunnel.  The tunnel is only for pedestrians now, but it was once a part of the Historic Highway that now rests beside it.

Beside the tunnel is a bridge that goes over Oneonta Creek with a stairway that leads down to the water below.

The creek runs through Oneonta Gorge, which is quite a sight!

People like to go right up to the narrow portion of the Gorge to take a peek upstream.

This was a beautiful stop, but definitely a busy one.

If we had more time, we would have pushed through the log jam and continued up to the base of Oneonta Falls. I hear it's beautiful!

Next time, Oneonta Falls! We'll be back!

Fees: none, free parking
What to bring: water shoes and a towel/bathing suit if you plan to get wet
Length of hike: .6 miles, roundtrip to the Falls

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