Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alta Vista (Mount Rainier National Park)

As we camped at Alder Lake, the temperatures went up into the 90's and we all felt like we were wilting. We decided on a spontaneous trip up to Mount Rainier National Park's Paradise Trails to look for some snow to play in to cool off.


We ended up taking the Skyline Trail up to Alta Vista where, sure enough, snow was found!

We had fun throwing snowballs in the heat while Mount Rainier watched over our fun.

It was the epidome of "cool."

The hike was steep, but mostly paved. We weren't prepared: my kids wore Crocs for this hike. I don't recommend doing that, but they seemed fine afterward.

Another fun time in the books!

Fees: $20 private vehicle, $10 motorcycle, $7 individual walk-in/bicycle; or National Park Pass
What to bring: water, hiking shoes that can get wet
Length of hike: 1.5 miles, roundtrip

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