Saturday, September 19, 2015

EMP Homeschool Day

One of our favorite homeschool opportunities lies at the base of the Space Needle: EMP Museum! What's totally awesome is that they have actual Homeschool Days where we take a workshop and then enjoy the museum at a discounted price.

The theme for the first Homeschool Day of the 2015-2016 school year was Creative Characters: Costume Design and 3D Mixed Media. An artist/teacher guided the kids through the basics of making a 3D character using plastic forks, cups, clay, paint, wire, fabric and all sorts of other bits and pieces.

Each workshop is usually broken into two segments with an activity in between that bridges the workshop theme to one of the exhibits in the museum. This time the activity took place in "Star Wars and the Power of Costume." My son is a big Star Wars fan,... ok, so am I,... so this was a fun exhibit to check out!

Once we returned to our classroom, the kids were able to finish up their creations. Sometimes we feel like time in the workshop needs to be slightly longer, but we always seem to manage despite the time crunch.

There will be four other workshops this year. Workshops from last year included "The Science of Sound," "Filmmaking and Music Videos," "Introduction to Scratch
Animation and Game Design," "Cartooning and Graphic Novels," and "Writing in Action: Theater/Improv."

But not only do kids get the opportunity to learn about exciting creative subjects, they also get enough free time to check out the other exhibits in the museum.

And then there's always the music, music,...

... and more music!

And parents always get to join in on the fun. I present, Groda.

I say it's a Cell Phone Goblin: the guy that is responsible for all of those times I lose my phone. The kids say he looks like a cross between Grover and Yoda, hence the name Groda. I can accept that.

If you're a homeschooler in the Seattle area, come on out to EMP Homeschool Days! You might even see me and the kids there rocking out and getting our creativity on!

Cost: $20 (1 kid and 1 parent), $17 for EMP Members, $5 more for each additional person
Suitable Ages: 6-14

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