Thursday, September 24, 2015

Golden Gardens Park

I've heard so many good things about Golden Gardens Park for so many years! When I found out the weather was going to be nice this week, I decided I'd take my kids to the beach, and Golden Gardens Park sounded like the perfect place to take them.

 The beach is SO BIG! And for we homeschoolers, mid-week, mid-day meant we had the entire huge beach (did I mention it was big?) to ourselves.

We buried my daughter. There was just so much sand, after all.

My son had fun finding seaweed in the rising tide.

We had a fun day playing in the sand near the ocean and throwing the Frisbee around.
As I tossed the Frisbee to my son, I joked, "How do you like sixth grade P.E.?"
He said, "Hmmmmn. It's not bad." and he grinned.

Fees: None. Parking is free.
What to bring: A blanket, sand toys, kite, snacks, and something for shade.

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