Friday, September 18, 2015

Homeschool ID Cards

This year, I decided to join the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so we could join other homeschoolers in order to purchase educational programs and aids at a discounted rate. The prices are fantastic, and joining is free, so why not?

One of the freebies I was given upon joining was the ability to print out my own homeschool ID cards complete with photos. After thinking about it for a bit, we decided to name our "school" Two Dog MakerSpace because we have most of our workroom set up in our dining room (aka the dog's room). We make things, we pet the dogs, we make more things... the name just makes sense.

 The ID maker is easy to use. I uploaded some photos, filled in the information, and then downloaded the printable version of the cards. I printed them and cut them out, and they already looked pretty legit.

I didn't like the back of my paper, so I added some scraps of printed paper to the backs before feeding the cards through my laminator. I figured I better protect the cards in plastic if I plan on putting them in my messy little purse.

They look pretty good! And now I have IDs for us if we ever need them!

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