Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Legoland Hotel

Our kids love LEGO, so when we found out there was a LEGOLAND Hotel near San Diego, we were immediately interested. How could we, true LEGO fans, not stay there for even just one night?!? How could we possibly pass up the opportunity to do so while our kids are still youngish and still fascinated by the wonderful world of LEGO?

Well, we couldn't! So we took the leap and dove headfirst into the colorful world of LEGOLAND Hotel, and we're so glad we did! 

The hotel is kid paradise! There are LEGO sculptures everywhere, and the walls and floors are covered in fantastic LEGO details. Every time we traveled around the hotel, we discovered something we hadn't noticed previously.

We loved our room's layout: the kids had a small bunk area with their own TV, and there was a short hallway to the adult bed. Off the hallway was the bathroom, sandwiched between the adult and kid areas. We felt like the room gave us just enough privacy without needing actual separate rooms.

Inside the room, we had a bucket of LEGO to play with, and a chest with a combination on it. We were told that if you follow the clues, you'll figure out the combination to this chest which holds a LEGO prize. My kids were immediately obsessed with this task!

Outside, the pool was fun -- we had it to ourselves when a rain came in. And the outside of the hotel had so many playful LEGO accents. If I had my own pool, I'd definitely want some of those floating LEGO bricks in it!

Back inside, there was and indoor play area with large pits filled with LEGO for building. There was a small bar right next to the play area, so parents could order a drink, sit back, and watch their youngsters build away.

Other favorite details included the whoopee cushion floor and the hotel's disco elevator. Although we had a room on the first floor, we couldn't resist using the elevator several times just for the crazy dancing opportunities.

In the evening, there was a LEGO contest complete with prizes. My kids didn't win anything, but they sure had fun building and seeing what other kids built!

Our stay at LEGOLAND Hotel was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. I'd say the hotel is aimed at younger kids, ages 3-9, but my 9 and 11-year-old kids loved it just the same. We big kids were just as tickled...

Especially when we had the chance to meet LEGO Santa! Seriously so much fun!

Other Details: buffet breakfast is included with hotel stay; early admission to LEGOLAND is granted to those with valid tickets and an active hotel room card; rooms come with a small refrigerator and a microwave is available to use (located by the vending machines across from the fitness room); a small LEGO shop is in the lobby and serves as one of the locations in LEGOLAND where you may trade Minifigures

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