Friday, January 8, 2016

Breakfast, Pac-Man Style

We love video games in this house. We play everything from the original "Super Mario Bros." to "Ori and the Blind Forest." The other day, I chuckled to myself a little when my daughter proclaimed that the 80's were the "Golden Age" of gaming. And when I think of games like "Pac-Man," I have to agree.

So today I present my ode to "Pac-Man" in vegan, gluten-free breakfast form. Van's Totally Original Gluten Free Waffles worked well for my Pac-Man. Nature's Path Gorilla Munch Cereal were perfect as little Pac-Dots, while cantaloupe balls replaced the game's Power Pellets. Blinky the Ghost made berry special appearance.

I swear, I could almost hear Pac-Man's "waka waka" sound coming from my kids as they devoured their breakfast.

Ok, maybe not, but we all had fun nevertheless :)

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