Sunday, January 31, 2016

Professional Bull Riders

What's that saying? When in Rome...

When we toured the National Cowboy & Western Museum, we were told that pretty much every weekend there's a rodeo. That Oklahomans love their rodeos. So we decided that since we were in Oklahoma, we should do as the Oklahomans do, and attend PBR, Professional Bull Riders.

The event was amazing! My kids loved watching the cowboys make their entrance by walking through fire.

After about twenty minutes, my family informed me that I would make a good rodeo clown.

I'm not sure how I should take that...

It was an afternoon of lassoing, riding, bucking, and a few surprises.

We caught a hat during a giveaway, won a few lottery tickets, and during a break some Clydesdales made an appearance. So much fun!

During the finals, we were awestruck by the strength and determination of the bulls and riders. Eight seconds seems like a very long time to try and stay on some of those bulls!

And we were so glad we went to the event. Thank you, Oklahoma, for giving us a reason to try something we hadn't tried before. You really put on a great show!

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