Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

While visiting the University of Oklahoma campus for Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, we decided we might as well duck into Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and take a peek.

Just like Sam Noble, this museum was pretty empty except for a spattering of university students. We enjoyed having Ansel Adams, Degas, Gauguin, Hopper, Monet, Van Gogh, and O'Keeffe all to ourselves.

Fred Jones also surprised us with a couple amazing non permanent exhibits that blew us away. The first was an exhibit devoted to Galileo. At the entrance of this exhibit, we were greeted with Galileo's important scientific publication, Sidereus Nuncius, or Starry Messenger. Several other important scientific publications and artworks were featured here as well, such as works by Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci and Kepler.

The other non permanent display we visited was a selection of twenty busts from the Capitoline in Rome. Some of these busts were over 2000 years old!

If you happen to be near the University of Oklahoma campus, and you love art, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is well worth the stop.

Cost: free!
Distance from downtown Oklahoma City: about 23 miles, or 30 minutes
What to see: Collections of photography, European art, Contemporary art, Asian art, art of the Americas, and much more

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