Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oklahoma City - Dinner Time

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Oklahoma City, and while it was mostly because of the stars of our trip, the museums, it was made all the more rich by the supporting actors: the food!

Bricktown is the heart of tourism in Oklahoma City. A river meanders between old brick buildings and is the perfect place to take an evening walk.

Housed in the brick building of Bricktown are some of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City. A few we enjoyed on our trip were Earl's Rib Palace, Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse and Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant.

But good restaurants in Oklahoma City aren't limited to Bricktown. We also enjoyed Hideaway Pizza, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant had fantastic sushi, and for dessert, nothing beat the award winning cupcakes at Green Goodies.

Thanks for the great week, Oklahoma City! Until we meet again!


  1. I really loved your pictures from Oklahoma City trip. It’s good that you enjoyed this trip. We are also going to visit NYC soon and planning to tie the knot at some indoor event space NYC. I am Jake both are so much excited!!

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