Thursday, March 3, 2016

Collaging With Magazines

Today I finally decided it was time to cut into our huge pile of magazines. My mom gave me a bunch of magazines almost ten years ago, and they've done nothing but take up space in the closet of my art studio ever since.

It was time to collage!

Honestly, I'm not sure if my kids have ever used magazines to collage in the past. It's a simple process, really: you cut out whatever you want to use in your art piece, however you want to cut it out, and then glue the pieces down. We used pages from about four different magazines, and the entire process took us a little over an hour. We helped each other out quite a bit. If someone needed a certain color and couldn't find it, we all leafed through the magazines to help find something that would work.

Because I left the instructions so open ended, we each ended up with different styles. And that's really the point of this kind of quick project in our house. I want my kids to develop their own sense of creativity without judgment. When it comes to art, there should never be a wrong answer. 

Get those kids creating!